4202 West Broadway, Robbinsdale MN 55422  Phone: Greg Sipe - 612 270-9577

4202 West Broadway, Robbinsdale MN 55422 - Phone: Greg Sipe 612 270-9577

How does a 1000  to 5000% return on

your investment sound?

 Impossible?  Nope.  It's what our registered customers get when they buy through us.  


Your one time $50 registration fee turns into an average savings of $1500 on your vehicle purchase.  The registration will activate a live search that sifts through 190,000+ vehicles each day.  We will pre-qualify those that meet your parameters and send them directly to your email.  This "dealer only" information will includes vehicle photos, options/specifications, an Autocheck verification, condition details and pricing information.  The search is "live" so you will be updated the very same day the vehicle hits the wholesale market.  Whether it takes one day, one month or one year, we will not stop until we find you the right one.  When we do, we will buy it on your behalf at wholesale prices.  Your membership fee is apllied directly to your purchase and better yet, it just multiplied into a whole lot of savings!


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The $50 membership fee is non-refundable and it's value can only applied to

a vehicle purchased by the person(s) under which is was registered.

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