I first contacted Greg from a Craigslist post.  After he fully explained his business, I knew I was in for a good deal and was confident I would get a great vehicle.  Greg did all of the research on the type of vehicle I wanted and then gave me many options within my budget.  After only 2 weeks of going to auctions, Greg had found a great deal and we got our vehicle.  I appreciated what Greg did for me and my family so much, that I referred two of my friends to him, and they got newer, great vehicles at great prices too!  Thanks Greg!
Jonas J - Monticello




This was the easiest buying process that I have had. I told Greg what I was looking for in a car and what price range I was looking to spend. From the comfort of my home or office I was able to look at the cars and tell him yes or no. After a short 3 weeks I was driving it home and it was under what I had set for price!  I have put over 25,000 miles on in the last year and have had no problems! Greg was easy to work with and has great knowledge in vehicles.

I will be contacting him for all of my future vehicle purchases! 

Nanette M - Arlington

I recently purchased a 2002 Jeep Liberty through Sipes Auto Sales.  I was looking for a long time for the right vehicle for my daughter to have at college.  After countless contacts with dealers and individuals selling their cars, I came upon Sipes Auto Sales.  Greg made the process of finding the right car so much easier.  Instead of constantly checking the internet for new and overpriced cars, I left all the work up to Greg.  He contacted me when there was a car he thought I might be interested in.  He told the price range it would probably go for and let me decide how much I was willing to offer for it.  He proposed a number of cars over a few week period and was very patient with me as I selected the ones to bid on.  He would check the cars out and let me know the good and the bad on each of them.  I ended up purchasing a very nice and clean 2002 Liberty with low mileage.  He helped me through the entire process.  It was pain free and saved me a lot of time.  Thanks Greg for all your help.  I would definitely recommend Sipes Auto Sales to anyone looking to purchase a used car.  


Russ T - Prior Lake

We recently replaced our 2003 Yukon XL with a 2016 Yukon XL. I gave Greg my very specific criteria and within hours Greg contacted me with an exact match. 3 weeks later we took possession of our 2016 Yukon XL that was in perfect condition with 8,400 miles and like new. The price was significantly less than the price I thought I would have to pay for this vehicle. We couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase and with Greg’s handling of the sale of our 2003 Yukon XL on consignment. Communication was good via phone, email and texting. The entire process was very satisfying and much easier than purchasing a vehicle from a dealer.


Lou M - Plymouth


Sipe’s Auto sales takes all the work out of buying a carWe were looking for a car for my Daughter after she graduated from college and didn't have a particular car model in mind, just a price point and reliable.  Greg explained to us how he buys the car and how much we could save over a dealership.  Greg has a great depth of knowledge about different automobiles and got us focused on a few models that we would like.  The cars are all fully inspected and we are provided with full disclosure so no worries about buying a used car from someone you don’t know and then having it break down a week later!  Greg bid on 3 different cars for us and we ended up with a 2009 Chevy Malibu.  Low miles, mint condition and under Blue Book value!  It truly was a great way to buy a used car.  No need to drive around town looking under the hood and kicking the tires.  Greg really is a time saver and I will definitely be calling Greg for my next car purchase.  


Dale P - Lakeland 





I HIGHLY recommend Sipe's Auto Sales. In fact, I think it's a mistake to go anywhere else!! Greg Sipe goes above and beyond for his customers. He is trustworthy and reliable, and I won't purchase a car anywhere else!! In fact, I have purchased TWO BMW X5's through him! He is professional, caring, and really knows cars. I highly recommend you trust him with your next vehicle purchase. I can't say enough good things about Sipe's Auto Sales!!!


April W - Duluth

When my wife and I were looking for a new car we canvassed a number of dealerships, and test drove a number of models, to see which one was most appealing to us.  We decided on a Volkswagon CC and contacted Greg to see if he could find one for us.  We gave him our criteria for year, color and our budget, and within a few weeks he found just the right deal for us.  It was a 2012 model and we were able to purchase for well under blue book.  Because he was able to get a true inspection and car fax on the vehicle we were not surprised that the car was in great condition and just as advertised.  We love the car and look forward to working with Greg again on our next purchase.    


Jim S - Apple Valley



I recently purchased a car through Greg Sipe.
He worked very hard to find the car I was looking for.
He kept me up to date daily and gave me the information and advice I needed to make an educated decision on each vehicle.  I trusted him to the extent that I bought the car without seeing it first and I was very happy with him, his service and especially the Jeep.


Dallas Z - Darwin




I was on the lookout for a 2008 Toyota Highlander and went to every dealership in the St Paul area to no avail. I knew the price I wanted to pay but every car was $4000 higher than I could afford.
  I stumbled across the Sipe’s Auto Sales and was very skeptical at first. I filled out my information and received a call from Greg the next day.  After learning about his business I thought I'd give it a try...and I have ZERO regrets.  Greg was extremely easy to work with and very knowledgeable and open about the process of how they select and bid on vehicles. There is no pressure and pulling the trigger is strictly up to the consumer. Greg ensured I was comfortable and confident before we bid. He assured me of the safeguards in place to protect the buyer from buying a lemon as well.  
After he found the right car and my bid won, which happened to be under the amount I was willing to spend, within 5 days I was behind the wheel of a very clean well taken care of 2008 Toyota Highlander. The process was smooth and seamless.  He saved me thousands of dollars and is the only dealership I will recommend and look forward to doing business with him in the future. Thanks Greg!


Dave M - Woodbury  


Working with Greg was a pleasure - no pressure, just help.  After supplying Greg very specific criteria for what I wanted: Ford Edge Limited, less than 20,000 mi, Paint color, Nav, Towing pkg, Moon roof, etc.  Greg searched and was able to find what I wanted.  He then sent me emails with great photos, detailed list of options and accurate condition assessment - for me to make my selection. My Ford Edge arrived on schedule and in beautiful condition.


Normally, I don't buy vehicles with all the bells & whistles. But with the money I SAVED with Sipe's Auto Sales I was able to get a car with ALL the luxury options at the cost of a much more ordinary model. Thanks Greg, it's exactly what I wanted!


Mark T - Eden Prairie

I recently purchase my Maserati through Sipe's Auto

Sales.  The process was very easy and I was able to save quite a bit more than I had expected.  I have since referred two co-workers to Greg and they both had great things to say about their savings and their experience.  Thank you!

Mike M - Mound

I highly recommend Greg, and it was great working with him to purchase our 2015 Audi Q5. Greg's process is straightforward and transparent. The wholesale purchase process may take a bit longer than a regular retail purchase, yet the wholesale savings are well worth the wait. Greg operates with integrity and delivered upon every one of his commitments. We have owned our Q5 for five months and love it. I will definitely work with Greg again to purchase our next vehicle.


MIke J - 




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